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Friar Grga Martić Grammar School Mostar


The beginning of our school dates back to May 24, 1974, when the Second Grammar School was established by the Decision of the Municipal Assembly of Mostar. Afterwards, in 1977, the name was changed to Grammar School of "Veljko Vlahović" Mostar and the school maintained the name until 1992, when it changed its name into Grammar School Mostar.

The present name of the Grammar School of Friar Grga Martić Mostar has been used since February 11, 1997, depending on the school system throughout all the years of its existence, this prestigious Mostar school has changed, not only its name but its work programs as well.

From 1974 to 1980 the school was established as a grammar school of the general program, and from 1980 to 1990 along with grammar school students, the school enrolled vocational students programs like chemists, librarians, mining-geological and agricultural professions.

Since 1990, the school has been enrolling only general program students, which will soon be available to language program students. Today the Friar Grga Martić High School Mostar is a modern high school institution attended by students of general and language programs. The school also runs the DSD program (Deutsches Sprachdiplom), a special educational program for intensive German language learning.

During its existence, this high school has achieved a high level of professional and pedagogical standards and gained a reputation as a prestigious high school, enrolled by highly motivated students eager to gain knowledge and build awareness of the benefits that the high standard of our education will bring to them.

With the acquired knowledge and skills, our students have always been at the forefront of various competitions for the county, federal and even state level. The best confirmation of the quality of the work of this school are the numerous intellectuals of various vocations and professions who still gladly visit their former school.

Although the school does not have a sports hall, it did not prevent our students from achieving noticeable results in the field of different sports. Numerous awards and medals that are displayed in the school lobby serve as evidence of their success.

Freedom, responsibility, love, trust and lifelong learning are values that reflect the distinctive identity of the school of friar Grga Martić.


The purpose of the existence of the Grammar School of Friar Grga Martić Mostar is to achieve the set goals in the educational content and to teach through an affirmative and constructive attitude towards all participants in the educational process (students, parents, teachers and the local community).

Through professional and personal development, cooperation and respect for all employees, cooperation with the community, the application of modern methods of work and technology, it is necessary to gradually and systematically make changes that will contribute to achieving the desired vision.


With its continuous growth and development Grga Martić High School Mostar should be an exemplary institution for its excellence and commitment of all employees.

The school should be a pleasant place for learning and acquiring the basic knowledge that is necessary for the general and future professional development of young people who will become self-confident and competent in the field of their profession.

This School should be a hotbed of intellectuals who will know how to deal with the complexity of life, social and economic challenges of the 21st century. Also, our school should be a place of nurturing Croatian cultural, historical and linguistic traditions with respect for all cultural differences, a place where responsible staff will educate, teach and prepare students for their lives by guiding them in their growth and maturation.


Freedom, responsibility, love, trust and lifelong learning are values that reflect the distinctive identity of the school of friar Grga Martić. Our fundamental value is the quality and creative upbringing and education of students, that is future students who will successfully acquire further education at the desired faculties.

We are focused on the needs of each student, on stimulating learning and mutual motivation - both students and teachers. Our goal is to support innovative forms of teaching that will enable the student to acquire various competencies necessary for modern life and inclusion in the world of new technologies and achievements.

Grga Martić High School Mostar is enrolled by highly motivated students who continue to develop their creativity, openness and initiative. Students have freedom of choice and are encouraged to make decisions for themselves. They are motivated to independently choose electives, design extracurricular activities, spend part of their free time at school, engage in humanitarian work and volunteerism.

Socializing through various clubs and activities create an atmosphere where satisfied young people grow up, ready for long life learning.
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