About School

Fra Grga Martic Gymnasium

We are following the beginning of the existence of our school from May 24,1974 , when the Second gymnasium (Druga gimnazija) was founded by the Decision of the Municipal Assembly of Mostar. As early as 1977 the name changed to “Veljko Vlahovic” Gymnasium in Mostar and under that name the school operates until 1992 when its name was changed to Gymnasium Mostar . The present name Fra Grga Martca Gymasium, Mostar the school has carried since February 11, 1997.

Throughout all the years of its existence, this renowned Mostar School has not only changed its name but also the curriculum, depending on the school system. From 1974 to 1980 it was a general-education secondary school, and from 1980 to 1990 besides the general-program, the students following vocational educational programs such as chemical and library program, mining-geological and agricultural program were enrolled.

Since 1990 the general-education-program has been returned, to which the foreign language curriculum was soon added.

Fra Grga Martic Gymnasium in Mostar today’s modern secondary school institution attended by the students of general-education and foreign language program. Classes are organized in two school sessions. 

During its existence, this institution achieved a high level of professional teaching standards and gained the reputation of a prestigious secondary schools that enrolls highly motivated students eager to learn and with built awareness of the benefits of good gymnasium education. 

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills our students are taking the lead at various competitions at the municipal, county and national levels. The best confirmations of the work quality of our school are numerous/myriad intellectuals of various careers and professions who still today like to visit their former “school desks”. Although the school has no sports hall, it did not stop us from achieving very significant results in the field of sport, to which testify various awards and medals exhibited in the school lobby.